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Ahh, the orange tree of knowledge!

he son of retired Senator John W. Warner III (R-VA), former Secretary of the Navy and Chairman of the Armed Services Committee (KBE), and Catherine Mellon, banking heiress and daughter of philanthropist Paul Mellon (OSS, KBE), Warner says growing up in a family that had a seat at many of the most historically significant tables led to his insatiable quest to find and reveal hidden truths behind world events.

A self-described “gear head,” Warner has spent most of his adult life quenching his thirst for knowledge about race cars, first as a professional Grand Am and American Le Mans Series racing driver (becoming, by his own admission, a “middle of the pack man” behind the wheel of a Corvette GT1 and a Porsche GT3R), and later researching the history of the sport for his NASCAR DVD series and his

Little Anton book series.

Oooh, colonial oatmeal stout!

Part love story and part satire, the book centers on Hitler’s use of Porsche's brilliant engineering mind to build the world’s fastest machines, and the occultism of the SS to further new advanced weapons of the Wunderwaffe.

John and his wife Teba split their time between their Washington D.C. area residence and their Virginia farm, where he is finishing the sequel to Little Anton, titled Lion, Tiger, Bear.

Without gallons of coffee, mornings suck.

An avid researcher of revisionist/alternative history, Warner began writing this book series during a two year-long recovery from a racing car accident. His extensive research for Little Anton evolved into a gripping historical narrative that reveals hidden truths about technological advancements and prominent leaders active in the WWII era, including Adolf Hitler, Heinrich Himmler, Ferdinand Porsche, and Winston Churchill.

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Without my loving wife, I am lost.
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