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Book Synopsis

The wild adventures of Lady Bea continue in Lion, Tiger Bear, a mystery thriller set during the 1942 African Desert conflict where the hunt is on for a secret German mining operation, airbase, and Ahnenerbe SS archeology dig in Iraq – all directly linked to the German Wunderwaffe atomic bomb, free energy, and antigravity programs. In this sequel, author John W. Warner IV reveals the hidden history of ancient technology through characters based on his own family and the antics of British spies, whose affectionate sparring and daring feats drive the story to its stunning conclusion.

Threaded throughout pages of ancient history, our heroes and their nemeses

continue their sagas, their conversations piquant and often amusing. “Bum fodder,” exclaims Prime Minister Churchill to President Roosevelt, ‘but I like the way you think.’ Bea refers to the battles in North Africa as ‘… a nobleman’s rapier duel in a sandbox.’



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Meet the Characters

The characters in the book are full of zest and gumption.

Who is or will be your favorite? 

Bea Beta.jpg


Reckless British pilot, spy, libertine and muck-up

Gwafa Beta .jpg


Wise and brave Malian soldier who helps the team search for a top secret German airship

Bernie Beta lines1.jpg


U.S. Naval Intelligence spy and close compatriot of Lady Bea

Alice Beta.jpg


Lady Bea's Childhood Friend and Partner in Crime, another royal muck-up in good standing

Special thanks to Charlie Birney, Co-founder, Podville Media, for the character illustrations.

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