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About John

“‘To thine own self be true,’ and I bloody well mean it!

My mantra in life is thus: Be service-to-others when you can, create, don’t destroy, never be anyone but your true imperfect self, try hard as hell to love others unconditionally, hug a dog, kiss a tree, and go for your passions at 110 percent full throttle––no damned excuses.”


I'm an author and historian with a passion for hidden history, revisionist historical narratives, vintage cars, and the unsung heroes of WWII. All profits from my books go to wounded veteran charities.

I have been a skeptic about historical records, including textbooks, for over thirty years––a perspective that's been well-honed. My father, 5-term US Senator John W. Warner III (R-VA), was also Secretary of the Navy and Chairman of the Armed Services Committee (KBE) during the Vietnam War. My mother, Catherine Mellon, daughter of philanthropist Paul Mellon (OSS, KBE), was an activist who protested that war. She taught me to question authority, think independently, and speak my mind.

Thanks to my family and my own dogged persistence, I have been behind the scenes with some of the most powerful and influential people in U.S. and global history. In my historical novels, Little Anton and the forthcoming sequel, Lion, Tiger, Bear (Sept. 1), I disclose the shocking hidden history possibilities of advanced technology and the covert schemes of the Fascist power elite.

When I'm not doing research, I'm also a true "gear head," having spent most of my adult life quenching a thirst for knowledge about race cars––first as a professional Grand Am and American Le Mans Series racing driver (a "middle of the pack man" behind the wheel of a Corvette GT1 and a Porsche GT3R), and later researching the history of the sport for my NASCAR DVD series and my Little Anton book series. In fact, I started writing during a two-year-long recovery from a racing accident. My long recovery gave me time to go deep into research. That research continues and is bringing forth some pretty astonishing and disturbing truths, which I post regularly on my website. 

Thanks! I hope you enjoy my zany books!



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