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John is in no small way a UFO/ ET disclosure activist. He has witnessed UFOs from the deck of an aircraft carrier. He has talked with admirals, generals, senators, experiencers, ONI & CIA personnel, UFO researchers, and congressmen over the decades about the phenomenon. He has researched ancient history, philosophy, Theosophy, metaphysics, Freemasonry, mystery schools, religious history, megalithic building history, and military history regarding extraterrestrial visitation and possible interaction. In his books, he illustrates these theories clearly.


On YouTube, he has been interviewed on, and by Regina Merideth, Steven Greer (The Cosmic Hoax), Dark Journalist, Project Unity, Penny Bradley, and Eric Hecker.


John’s father, the late Senator John W. Warner III (R-VA), a MAJIC member, urged him to come forward with his family history in 2020, which includes John’s grandfather, U.S. Army Major Paul Mellon, who was involved in Project Paperclip alongside Allen Dulles while Paul was an OSS officer in WW2 and beyond. John believes strongly in the correlation between the imported German scientists, antigravity, free energy research, and the documented UFO “Foo-Fighters” of WW2. Paul Mellon has over 10,000 classified documents at the CIA that were denied release via two FOIA requests by John’s father. Why is unclear.


John’s friend and third cousin is Christopher K. Mellon, the former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence under the Bush and Clinton administrations. Chris is at the forefront of UFO/UAP disclosure via CNN, major newspapers, the Pentagon, the CIA, and DIA.


However, John believes in full disclosure, not the limited partial one being proffered by the DoD, CIA, defense contractor corporations, and the U.S. Government. Full disclosure will allow faster healing, transparency, and clarification for the world regarding the genuine truth of the matter.

JWW Memes. (More satire).

Great thanks to illustrators Peter Elson and Waldemar Kasak.

Research Notes. (Not satire at all).
Disclosure Movement Notes:
These are just notes and nothing more, and do not represent my opinions. The reader must use critical thinking and careful discernment when considering the information.

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